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    Quality Service Guaranteed!
    Quality Service Guaranteed!

Innovative/Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems FOR LONG ISLAND

We are Certified Installing Contractor for Norweco and Hydro-Action I/A OWTS
These are the First Two Suffolk County Phase I Pilot Approved Systems

Clear River Environmental's Expertise and Most Recent I/A OWTS Accomplishments
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• Clear River Environmental is a Certified Installing Contractor and Service & Maintenance Provider for both the Norweco and Hydro-Action I/A OWTS. These are the First Two Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SC-DHS) Phase I Pilot Approved Nitrogen Reducing Residential Systems.

• We have installed the most nitrogen reducing residential I/A OWTS in Suffolk County since the SC-DHS PILOT program was started in late 2015. We installed 10 of the first 19 Phase I I/A OWTS Pilot systems.

• Clear River Environmental installed the first SC-DHS Phase-II I/A OWTS in December 2016.

• We will install another 6+ residential I/A OWTS for the Phase II part of the Pilot. These installations are planned for the next 30-60 days.

• The I/A OWTS Manufacturers have chosen us to do their critical Pilot installations because of Clear River’s 20+ years of experience in Long Island with all types of cesspools, septic systems, and advanced wastewater treatment systems for both residential and commercial customers.

• Clear River Environmental is also a Certified Installing Contractor for Roth Septic Tanks. Roth is one of the Largest Septic Tank Manufacturers in the USA.

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What should you consider when replacing, upgrading or repairing your residential septic system or cesspool?

• If your septic tank is at least a 1,000 gallon size and still water-tight you may be able to continue using it.

• If your leaching pools are still functioning properly you may be able to continue dispersing into them.

• Another important consideration is that the currently approved Norweco and Hydro-Action systems do not require septic tanks in front of them. They have their own primary solids settling primary treatment capabilities within the I/A OWTS.

• As a certified and licensed I/A OWTS installer, service provider, and pumper; Clear River Environmental is the best choice to install, maintain, and service all types of I/A OWTS and septic systems.

• Let the experts at Clear River Environmental guide you and work with your Architect or Engineer to determine the best nitrogen-reducing I/A OWTS configuration for your residential property.

For More Details Call (631) 257-3140


Singulair TNT from Clear River Enviromental
Norweco Singulair TNT

Hydro Kinetic by Clear River Enviromental

Norweco Hydro-Kinetic

OWTS Waste Treatment Clear River Enviromental


OWTS Tank Leveling Clear River Enviromental

Norweco Singulair TNT Being Installed

Onsite Wastewater  Treatment Systems Clear River Enviromental

Norweco Singulair TNT Being Installed


The (5) Best Reasons to Call Clear River Environmental First:

1.) We are a full service Suffolk County Environmental Company for Residential and Commercial Properties that can: Install New Construction Conventional and I/A OWTS; Repair or Upgrade all Conventional OWTS; and Replace all Cesspools with Conventional Septic Systems or Denitrification I/A OWTS.

2.) Clear River Environmental is fully insured and we have our own excavating equipment including both small excavators for easy access to residential properties and larger excavators for larger scale commercial jobs.

3.) We are highly experienced in working with Homeowners, Professional Engineers, Architects, Developers, Contractors, Regulators, and Business Owners.

4.) Clear River Environmental is a Certified Service and Maintenance Provider for all approved Suffolk County I/A OWTS.

5.) We are a licensed Suffolk County Septic Waste Hauler (Pumper) with a fleet of pumper trucks and tankers serving our residential and commercial customers for more than 20 years.

For More Details Call (631) 257-3140