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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Clear River Environmental Inc is a certified installation contractor and service provider for all five of the Suffolk County I/A OWTS-approved nitrogen-reducing residential systems. We have installed the most nitrogen-reducing residential I/A OWTS in Suffolk County since the program began in 2015, totally approximately 100, with our first installation in December of 2016.

The I/A OWTS manufacturers chose ClearRiver Environmental for their critical pilot installation because of our decades of experience working on all types of cesspools, septic systems and advanced septic systems for residential and commercial customers.

Why Call ClearRiver?

Nitrogen pollution from cesspools and septic systems has been identified as the leading cause of degraded water quality, contributing to beach closures, restrictions on shell fishing, toxic algae blooms, and massive fish kills.


A conventional onsite septic system was never designed to remove nitrogen, as the average residential septic system discharges approximately 40 pounds of nitrogen per year. For homeowners close to surface waters, nitrogen can rapidly reach surface waters, which is a contributor to the degradation of our marshes, bays, and beaches. Even inland, nitrogen from local septic systems will reach the groundwater and surface waters.


Thousands of local parcels are currently served by polluting cesspools and septic systems but will never actually connect to a sewer system. Reversing the degradation of water quality will depend on the replacement of existing systems with state-of-the-art, new, individual Innovative, and Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (I/A OWTS).


In recent years, Suffolk County has aggressively set the stage for the transition to these new systems. To make the cost of I/A systems more affordable for homeowners, Suffolk County has devised the Septic Improvement Program, which consists of both a grant and low-interest financing program as the next logical piece of the Reclaim Our Water initiative. To learn more, contact Clear River Environmental today.

Installations & Full Replacement Systems

Whether you need to replace the existing septic system in your house or you are a local home builder that needs one installed as part of a project, call on Clear River Environmental Inc. Our crew has more than 60 years of experience when it comes to installing and servicing all types of septic systems.


In addition to septic system installs, we also maintain septic tanks to prevent backups. Regular pumping of your septic system and the tank should be done at least once every year if your home has a garbage disposal and every 2-3 years if you do not.

Commercial Services

Camera inspections

Commercial and industrial pumping

Drain field installation and repair

Drain line installation and repair

Hydro-jetting services

Septic servicesSeptic tank inspections

Septic tank pumping

Sewer installation and conversion

Sewer line services

Sump and ejector pumps

Commercial Experts

Our crew at Clear River Environmental Inc has over five decades of experience when it comes to maintaining, repairing, installing and servicing commercial cesspools and septic systems. Thanks to our 24/7 availability, you'll always get a quick response to your septic emergency.

Maintenance Programs

Enroll in our annual or biannual septic maintenance program to ensure your system is pumped regularly, thus avoiding costly repairs or even a total system failure.


We specialize in septic and cesspool services for restaurants, gas stations, retail stores and supermarkets.

The Latest Solutions

Cesspit emptying

Cesspool tank cleaning

Check valve repair and replacement

Commercial drain cleaning

Commercial drain repair

Commercial drain replacement

Commercial sewer cleaning

Commercial sewer repair

Commercial sewer replacement

Field line installation and replacement

Septic service

Septic tank care

Septic tank maintenance

Septic tank replacement

Sewer ejection pump replacement

Sewer jetting and rooter service

Sump pump repair and replacement

Water line repairs

Well pump repair and replacement

Storm Drains

Clear River Environmental Inc knows the importance of having a clean storm drain. Rainwater has to be directed away from your home or office building's foundation so as to avoid erosion. We can clear leaves, dirt, sticks, and other items from your storm drains without you having to wait long. If your storm drains are clogged, call us ASAP to remedy the matter!

Clogged Storm Drain?

Water that goes to your residential or commercial establishment's foundation every time it rains is slowly eating away at the soil holding everything in place. If you give this scenario long enough, cracks will occur in the foundation and will shift the structure of the building. Clogged storm drains also result in bacteria and mold buildup, and this poses a health hazard.

Vactor Services

A vactor (which is also known as a "super sucker") sucks wet and dry debris like a vacuum from pipes, sewers, etc. The name comes from the manufacturer Vactor, the creators of the first vactor with water jetting and vacuum capabilities. We use vactors for severely clogged pipes and storm drains, and the results are impressive, to say the least.

For more details, please call us at (631) 467-5447.


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Service Contracts

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